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A Bit About My Journey…


Among other things,

I am a Father, Entrepreneur, Coach and former US Army Ranger.


Throughout this bold and adventurous life, I have won and lost and played with the fear of the unknown. Will you take the leap too?

I have tasted the sweetness of victory that results from dedicated effort and hard work. I have also experienced pain and anguish from trying to control circumstances beyond my control.

As a recovering control addict, corporate employee and product of the industrial age, I have felt the real struggle of living a life disconnected from true purpose and meaning while grinding away in the name of achievement. This is what it feels like to be stuck in the preservation zone, playing safe and playing small.

In early 2018, I experienced a pivotal moment, an awakening, when a friend asked me a provocative, heart centered question. I saw clearly that my life was not what I had imagined it would be by this point and realized it was going in a direction I really didn’t want to be headed.

I realized that this was a result of trying to control everything, meet others expectations and follow the traditional definition of success, and ignoring my own heart’s desires.

By choosing from that point on to live with intention, connected to passion and purpose, and deciding to explore the possibilities of my most adventurous life with guidance from a life coach, my life rapidly transformed.

I am now living my adventure. 

My purpose is to help other life explorers and adventurers like you choose your adventure and LIVE it!


"Dreams are Seedlings of Reality"

James Allen​

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