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"Dreams are Seedlings of Reality"- James Allen​

Your "Adventure"Nick Devlin
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I am a transformational life coach, entrepreneur, father and former US Army Ranger.  My mission is to empower you to live your life as an adventure - with peace, passion and intention.  I do this by helping you embrace uncertainty and envision the life you want to live (your adventure).  I guide you through first steps and hold you accountable for taking action.  In addition to coaching sessions by phone and in person, I take you out in the wilderness for "adventure coaching sessions" to get you out of your head and into your heart.  I listen, reflect, and support you to grow.  I celebrate your successes and push you to be brave, go farther, and we do it together.

Throughout this bold and adventurous life, I have won and lost.  I have played with the fear of the deep unknown. I have tasted the sweet victory resulting from dedicated effort and hard work.  I have felt the pain of trying to control things beyond my control.  As a recovering “control addict” and former corporate employee (asleep at the wheel of my life), I have felt the struggle of living disconnectedly – void of true purpose – a vassal to the grind and societal expectations.  I’ve been stuck in the preservation zone, playing safe and playing small.  


I got unstuck when a life coach, and friend, asked me one pivotal question. It was the question that cut deep and shook me to the core. It shook me awake - wide awake.  I grabbed the wheel, and redirected my course towards passion and purpose.   I chose to live with intention and explore the possibilities of my most adventurous life.  With critical guidance from my coach – I now live my adventure.   It's my turn to help you live yours!  



Choose your adventure

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