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The Explorer


Explore new territories and experiment with new perspectives in community with others.  Connect via Zoom twice per month with other awesome humans (from around the globe) on a quest for more adventure and freedom in their lives while creating something bigger for yourself and for the world.  Group coaching offers a unique opportunity to be inspired by other "explorers" as they step into their big adventure.  As the group facilitator, I guide you on a journey to embrace expanded possibilities for your life.

  • Group zoom sessions twice per month

  • Sessions are 90 minutes each

  • Investment  |  $199/month

Connection & Community

We'll experience the power of Connection and Community with others on a quest to create something bigger.

Recognizing Fear

Recognizing when fear is creating friction and resistance.

Embracing Challenges

Taking inspired action for your dream Embracing challenges as gifts and navigate with the spirit of adventure.

Transform Resistance

Transforming that resistance into rocket fuel for your dream!

Image by Wojciech Then


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