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Individual adventure


A personalized approach to exploring a new way to live.  A 9 session series of powerful conversations over a 90 day season leading you to break through old patterns, increase your awareness, and gain new insights to get unblocked and unstuck.  We start where you ARE and go as deep as you're willing to go in each session.

Plus, I'll lead you through actionable next steps and techniques to dig in and explore on your own.  This offering is for you if you're tired of going through the motions, want to feel more fulfilled, and are ready to live your life adventure.

Each session is 45 minutes and includes quick check-in calls, email, and texts if you need to reach out between sessions.  Also includes an Explorer Academy membership*.

  • 9 session series (in 90 days) includes in-between session check-ins and Explorer Academy Membership

  • Investment  |  $3000

Connection & Community

We'll experience the power of Connection and Community with others on a quest to create something bigger.

Recognizing Fear

Recognizing when fear is creating friction and resistance.

Embracing Challenges

Taking inspired action for your dream Embracing challenges as gifts and navigate with the spirit of adventure.

Transform Resistance

Transforming that resistance into rocket fuel for your dream!

Image by Wojciech Then


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