Updated: Dec 16, 2020

What does ‘Adventure’ mean?

Often the word conjures up images of excitement, uncertainty and rugged outdoors activities. These are great things! And adventure can be found in other areas as well. It can be found in figuring out how to start or grow a business or how to get creative with ways to make money unconventionally.

It can be found in arranging your environment, physical or otherwise. There’s alway something new to explore, something new to learn or attempt. Stretching out of a routine and out of the self-preservation zone can be exhilarating.

Sometimes a call to adventure is totally self driven and sometimes it’s out of necessity. Unexpected constraints can result in unexpected opportunities for personal growth. It can guide us to ways to BE better and DO better. It can guide us to service, to purpose…and this can be exciting.

The idea that anything in life can be an adventure invites a sense of curiosity and adaptability and offers a chance for new perspective.

In a time of increasing distance, how can you be adventurous and create more connection with others?

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