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Becoming an entrepreneur is fucking hard. Thats why most people don't do it. Isn't that the most obvious statement? It's like the one that says, "yeah its hard. If it was easy everyone would do it!"

But seriously, it's hard. I had an amazing conversation with one of my brothers from another mother recently and the topic just turned naturally to what we were up to and most excited about creating. He has been on the entrepreneurial journey for a little over three years. I've been on the path for about 2, and really all in for about 10 months. When I say "all in" I mean I left my corporate job and have somehow been surviving without a regular paycheck.

So our conversation started really getting fired up as we connected to this idea - becoming an entrepreneur is a deeply spiritual experience. You have to commit 100 fucking percent! Have complete and total faith that this is going to work. That it HAS TO WORK. It's not going to happen if you just sort of want it, or are keeping other options open, because you will be tested. You will NOT succeed if your "why" isn't strong enough and you're not fully committed.

This has all been said before, but the idea that it is a spiritual journey to me is novel. When you move further down the path, you begin to see the world differently, you begin to feel a freedom unlike anything else. You also begin to face all kinds of fears and shadows that you never had to before. Something as pragmatic as starting a business goes way beyond having a business plan and doing some advertising. You will be challenged around your self worth, your patience, your ability to fail and get up and keep going, facing embarrassment, mistakes, rejection, abandonment, and more. It's no joke!

The world that we grew up in does not support the entrepreneur. Default mode is to keep humans in a company or factory setting, compliant and ready to consume and do what they are told. It sounds harsh, but its true. Just start researching how and why our school system is designed the way it is and you'll open a huge can of worms that's impossible to close.

As an entrepreneur you have to be a detective and learn about how to become who you need to be for your dream. And its a unique path for everyone because everyone is unique!

The second idea is that it's super important for the truth about what it's like be on an entrepreneurial journey because this can give a huge amount of hope, inspiration and encouragement, which is what you will need in spades to thrive as an entrepreneur.

All these hustle porn stars and dudes posing with a Lamborghini who have a course to go from "$0 ---> 100K in 6 weeks!" are full of shit. And they're dangerous. They give false hope that can be incredibly damaging to anyone who has a dream and tries to go for it.

My friend made $9000 his first year as an entrepreneur. $9000! His bills were over $50k that year. No Lamborghini. In the next two years he basically broke even. Just now, he's starting to see momentum take over and will likely make a profit this year.

I am in the same boat. Even while I was still employed, my then side hustle took a loss for the first year in business. Luckily I could bootstrap it from earnings from my corporate job. This year I might make a profit. I'm headed into year 3, and like I said it's year 1 of "all in". Even still, it will likely be a year or two before I can fully pay myself back for everything I invested so far. This is much more realistic than the get rich quick BS that some course creators are selling.

It is incredibly refreshing and encouraging to hear about other entrepreneurs and know that I am on the path. That I am right where I need to be and that this IS the journey. It would be great to have a million dollars right now. But it's not real. I will have an am amazing story of resilience and courage and will have BECOME an entrepreneur by wading through the crucible to get there. Staying connected to others on the path keeps my spirits up and my head in the game. Because the trick is, it's fucking hard, but it doesn't have to suck.

"This Sucks" is a state of mind, and I can just as easily think to myself "this is AWESOME".

Let me share a story I heard recently. Two people go to a huge party at a mansion. There are servers walking around with plates of finger food, and others with champagne. There's a DJ and a pool with tiki torches around it. People are doing cannonballs into the deep end. One of these people can't stop thinking about how loud it is and how they can't find a comfortable place to sit down. The other one is doing cannonballs into the deep end and eating spring rolls. So, these two people have totally different experiences of the SAME party.

Knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be on this journey, I can enjoy the ride. I can allow for miracles. I can flow into becoming.

The biggest driver for me becoming an entrepreneur and living my dream is this: The thing I fear the most is looking back at my life on my deathbed and regretting that I didn't really go all in on my life. That I left something on the table or didn't become who I'm truly capable of becoming, because I was scared to put myself out there and fail, or disappoint someone or whatever.

Here's the most exciting thing: It's easy to get stuck thinking, "Being an entrepreneur means starting your own business". That's true, AND it's a limiting belief. See, EVERYONE is an entrepreneur - OF THEIR OWN LIFE.

You don't have to have a business idea to be an entrepreneur. All the hard stuff, the internal work, the deep questions, the facing fear that's required to become a traditional entrepreneur, is exactly what is required to become a full realized, fully expressed HUMAN. It's time to start thinking of your life as your entrepreneurial journey. If you spend a little time getting quiet and asking yourself what you really want, I'd bet everything I have that you can connect to a bigger dream for your life. That dream version of your life is possible. Its the thing worth doing the hard work for. And no one cares about it as much as you do.

Become an entrepreneur for your dream, for your life. See what happens. I guarantee it'll be the most rewarding perspective shift you've ever experienced.

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