Have a plan; Abandon your plan

We had an incredible experience in the last Explorer Academy group session. There was laughter, tears, deep listening and vulnerable sharing, and it had nothing to do with my plan.

I had spent hours thoughtfully creating a detailed map of the session with intentional activities, breakouts and questions. About 15 minutes in it became evident that the group needed this session to go a completely different direction. It reminds me of when I was a kid building rocket ships out of cardboard boxes.

I had all these supplies - markers, boxes, paper, toys. It didn't really matter how the rocket came to life, but it always did. As a kid, these imagination sessions would transport me through time and space, on endless adventures. This creativity and playful adventurous spirit stayed with me as I got older, playing with GI Joes, legos and playing pretend well into my middle school years. The games became a bit more sophisticated, but the spirit of adaptability and playfulness remained the same. Going with the flow was a given, especially when engaged in imaginative games with other kids.

Which brings me back to the Explorer Academy group session we just had. I could have tried to wrangle the energy of the experience to fit my pre-conceived agenda. I could have rigidly stuck to my plan. And it may have been a fine session as a result. But that's not what I'm here to do. I'm here to do my part in encouraging people to come alive and the most energizing adventure to emerge.

Having a plan gave me the confidence to start - to bring the group the the trailhead. Abandoning my plan allowed the most incredible experience to unfold. There is something magical that happens when you bring an intention of playful adventure to a group experience, and let go of it needing to deliver a certain outcome.

The result can be a much deeper experience of safety, connection, vulnerability and support. Especially during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and change, experiences like this with others help us to be the playful adventurers that we are meant to be.

The point is this - Be with others. Seek out a group that supports you being and becoming who you want to be - your most powerful and alive YOU.

There's 2 more spots in the next Explorer Academy group. We'll be launching this month. Reach out, climb on board and let's explore! Together.

With Love and Gratitude, Yours in Adventure,


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