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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I have built my life and my business around the idea that Life Is an Adventure! And that we

are here to explore our adventure and create our dream, together with other people.

A provocative idea that supports this is that you can play for your dream. Just like in sports and music you practice to play better, you can practice life to play better for your dream!

In creating your most adventurous life, you can practice adventuring and learn, grow and become along the way.

When I was in Ranger Regiment, we spent twice as much time practicing how to be the best infantry soldiers we could be, than we spent on actual missions. We were constantly running drills, and mock scenarios to hone all the skills we needed so that when it came to a life or death situation, we could respond without hesitation in a way that ensured the best possible outcome.

One reason its really helpful to have a coach when you're pursuing a big dream is that, just as in sports of the military, having someone experienced, who is familiar with the path you're on and can observe you in action and give you immediate feedback and customized support and challenges is game changing!

Most social situations in life are not life and death. But sometimes it feels like it! When you really dig down into what's holding you back from taking action for your dream, there's a belief in there that is linked to self-preservation AKA survival AKA fear.

The right coach will help you plan, play and practice the big plays required for you to create your dream and live you most epic life adventure. Practicing with a coach, whether it's an important conversation with a business partner or a loved one, enrolling customers or interviewing for your next career move is a safe place to notice where the sticking points are for you. Then, together you can explore the self-preservation beliefs and stories that are jamming the gears.

According to my mentor and coach, and founder of Coachville, Dave Buck, there are 4 main components to play. They are:





Of course, nothing in this world is free - each of these opportunities to play for your dream bring with them a related fear. The fears are:





I will dive into each one of these elements more in later posts. For now I just want to explore the idea of Creating, and it's related fear - the fear of disappointment.

You must create things for your big dream and share them with the world in order to see results. Inevitably, fear of disappointment is nearby. It can be paralyzing to imagine that you will put your heart into creating something and then be disappointed or receive disappointment from others. This is totally natural! As humans, we don't want to do anything that may threaten our status, our sense of belonging. And, in order to play BIG and really live your dream, you need to grow. This means stepping into the discomfort that comes from moving from your current state of belonging to a new one - one that can support who you're becoming for your dream.

When you plan and practice what you want to create with a great coach and embrace the spirit of play, you can experience the energy and freedom to move through the resistance caused by the fear of disappointment.

Here's a great example from one of my players that I have been coaching for a while now.

He is an artist and an entrepreneur with a big dream to create a thriving art business on his own terms while feeling truly free to create whatever his heart desires. In this way he hopes to create a new narrative around whats possible for artists to achieve financially, and inspire other people to be confident in who they truly are.

He's passionate about the social issues facing us today and has had a lot of fear around creating artwork with a social message. When we coached around this and he began to embrace the idea that he could be playful in his approach, it made it easier for him to create the first piece.

When he became free from the fear of disappointment, he felt free to share his piece on social media. The best part? The response was positive! This gave him more inspiration to continue creating and letting his true voice emerge on the canvas in front of him.

In his words,

"I find a lot of freedom in creating that way, and allowing myself to be both visually and vocally, just exactly who I am from the deepest depths of me without any censorship or any kind of filter, and then that's where I find a lot of freedom as an artist is really working within celebrating that I'm just being real, just being real with everybody...

And when that's celebrated, that's the truest form of freedom. It's that I show my truth, it is 100% true. I'm able to put it on paper or canvas. And then when people enjoy it, they relate to it and then that, you know, that brings me joy and, and more freedom and, and it just kind of kind of makes a world feel bigger."

It takes courage to make the first step into playing for your dream, but once you do, the next step is easier and the next step, and so on. Practicing your plays with a coach is a safe way to become more skilled. As you become a more skilled player, you can take on bigger and more exciting adventures! And the exploration continues..

Wishing you joy and peace beyond your wildest dreams,


Ps -when you're ready to explore connecting to your dream and living your life like a big adventure, I'm here! Sign up for an exploratory session and let's play!

PPS - There's still time to join the Explorer Academy starting on Jan 14th! Its going to be an amazing journey into connection and adventure and creating something awesome for yourself and your dream in 2021. Check it out here!

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