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Stepping Into Adventure

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

How do you successfully launch into your next life adventure?

I have built a coaching business on the concept that life is an adventure.

The idea is that we get to CHOOSE our adventure in this life.

We get to explore and create and live with purpose and passion. Of course there are challenges and tough times along the way, but it's our perspective that matters, and it helps to have a positive outlook and a growth oriented mindset.

I was discussing the idea that 'life is an adventure' with a former player of mine today. Here are the 3 main points we talked about when it comes to successfully living your life as an adventure:

Focus on being present

Stay connected

Solid Relationships

Having solid relationships supports you on your journey into the unknown! And it takes being intentional and committed to maintaining these relationships. It's especially important to consider who your 'inner circle' is and make sure they know about your next adventure and support you 100%. Often we assume that those closest to us know what our ideal life adventure looks like, but until we have an intentional, authentic conversation with them, we can't know for sure. If they do know - great! If they don't, then it can really hamstring our attempts to pursue the adventure.

Focus on being present

Paying attention to the here and now of what's important to you is critical to pursuing your next life adventure. It may sound simple, but getting clear on what success means to you requires knowing what matters to you. Often we allow ourselves to be tricked into thinking we are successful day to day because we attended all our work meetings and got our task list (mostly) checked off. Unfortunately, if these things are not directly related to what really matters, then this measure of success is hollow. There's a LOT more to this idea of cultivating presence and appreciation for what matters most, but that's for another post!

Stay Connected

The main idea we talked about here is that it is ultra important to be aware of your changing environment. Any time we launch into a new life adventure, it is highly likely that our environment will change. Maybe as part of your dream adventure you get promoted, or leave your job to start a business, or start working remotely. In these examples, you are no longer around the same people and risk feeling a sense of isolation. It's important to consider how this might affect you as you plan your next life adventure and be honest about how you will stay connected to people and yourself as you connect with the next version of your life.

Ultimately, we agreed that life is an adventure because you just never know what may happen next. This uncertainty is exciting! It can also be unsettling. We agreed that staying positive in the face of uncertainty requires having a solid, supportive foundation. Building solid relationships, focusing on what matters and staying connected to yourself and others helps to build this foundation of unconditional love and support. From this base, you are empowered to explore your next life adventure!!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? What would you say are the key things needed to live your adventure?

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