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Two 90 Minute Group Sessions a Month 


In between "Check In" calls to keep you on track for your Dreams!


Live Your Adventure Tribe Emails and Extras!


Is this For Me?


YES. If you relate to this:

You're an achiever, yet you feel sort of unfulfilled - like there's something more.

You're feeling frustrated, disconnected, restless.

You're always serving others, not always taking the time you need for yourself and to fill up your cup.

You miss connection with other inspiring people. 


What is something awesome you would like to create or have more of in your life in the coming year? 

What is possible when you create this awesomeness in the spirit of play and adventure instead of the usual pressure and grind?


Welcome to the Explorer Academy. This is a monthly experience created with you in mind. During your time in the academy you can expect to be connected to your dream and get really focused on creating something awesome for you!


Maybe you know what you want to create and are feeling stuck in how to move forward.

Maybe you don't know what you want, but its time to figure it out.

Maybe you're somewhere in between, but you know you want to be surrounded by inspiring people, and just make yourself a priority for once.


In the Explorer Academy, 

You will be connected to other inspiring explorers who are pursuing their own awesome dreams.

You will be guided by me in the group setting to embrace the challenges. 

You will be part of a community where you can come as you are and be yourself while exploring what's possible when we adventure together.




  • How to connect to your dream to create the results you want
  • Taking inspired action for your dream
  • How to embrace challenges as gifts and navigate with playfulness
  • How to recognize when fear is creating friction and resistance
  • How to turn that resistance into fuel for your dream

The Explorer Academy

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